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‘Thrilling, breathtaking.’  //  HIGH HAM BROADWAY


THE END is our celebration in Crouch End, welcoming world-class touring acts and mixing these with home-grown talent. Nurturing our local businesses by bringing in visiting festivallers, and rattling the cage of certain locals who simply won’t leave the area, save to go to work.


The festival sits alongside the superb events in the area such as THE KALAMAZOO CLUB, who have brought top-drawer folk to the area for years, plus world-class comedy at BOOM TISH and DOWNSTAIRS @ THE KING'S HEAD, and the excellent BAR BOOT events.


Dubbed by one of the many musicians involved as NXN8 (North by North-Eight) - or London’s answer to Austin, TX festival SXSW (South By SouthWest) - THE END promises the best underground bands from home and abroad and will turn Crouch End institutions into North London’s hippest hangouts.


This ambitious project is curated by THE LOCAL and has proven to be one of the London scene's best kept secrets. THE END makes ingenious use of its local conveniences, transforming the likes of an old schoolhouse, an ice-cream parlour, a supermarket and furniture, coffee and vintage clothing shops into makeshift venues to create one of the most unconventional festivals the capital has to offer. The 2013 edition will see some new innovations in venues, too!


Curator of THE END, HOWARD MONK: “Crouch End is an area full of creative and media types yet only really well known for decent restaurants. However, there are a number of excellent events if you scratch the surface, and this is a fresh one for the calendar, perhaps a little more ambitious in scale. We’re keen to bring excellent touring bands out of the usual epicenters of Shoreditch, Camden, Central London up to Crouch End for a couple of nights. Not just celebrating local acts (although there are a number on the bill), but mixing those with touring acts makes a great event.”


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